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Colors make me happy

Good morning dear friends,

How are you? Hope that everything is OK and that you are surrounded by rainbows and colors everyday 🙂

Lat week was a colorful one in my small part of the world…


I’ve added more colorful washi tape and my collection is slowly growing 😉


I’ve played with my clover pompom making and enjoyed a lot these little colorful balls of yarn. Let me tell you something this clover thingy is totally addictive… so easy to make pompom that you feel like you want to add pompom everywhere around your house 🙂


I’ve made a garland to hide a little bit my hubby’s stereo (which I don’t like but he does 😉 )…


In this pic you can see it more clearly 🙂 Now, with the pompoms I don’t have a problem looking at it anymore 😀 hahaha…Crossing my fingers that hubby doesn’t read my posts 😀


Some new colorful flowers bought from the local market made me very happy too 🙂 I love fresh flowers…


I’m still not done with my granny blanket… joining a square every time I have a spare moment…


Still have 7 squares to add and then the edging…


Talking about edgings this book is great… I’m trying some of its borders but I have a feeling, a deep inside feeling, that finally I will make a very simple one … We’ll see 🙂

Have to go now my friend,

Some homely chores are waiting for me …

Wishing you love, sunshine and colors 🙂



Enjoy every moment…

Just another week has gone by and I’m still here doing the ordinary every day stuff…

Crocheting a lot…



Adding grannies to my blanket…



Adding rows to my knitting cowl… 😉


Adding some new candlesticks to my growing collection…



Decluttering some shelves and loving the result…


Savouring delicious books and discovering a new filofax-kind of-passion-obsession…


Enjoying home and dreaming a lot too 🙂

And you? What about your days? Hope that they are filled with good things 🙂

Life is beautiful my friend! Enjoy every moment…

Kisses and love!


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one? two? three!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did you guess what I’m talking about??

1 the-3-of-us

Oh yes! The crazy woman in me crocheted these 3 cats in two weeks… Well the second and third one in a week!

It was fast and mad crochet… but I kept my promise and I finished two cats for the girls before the weekend…as the blue one was made first for little Joe…and the girls wanted their own amineko 🙂


Blue was patiently waiting for his friends in Joe’s room…


…while I was crocheting purple for Sarah… She chose the colors and was very happy once purple was done 🙂


Then I asked my biggest girl Christina what colors she wanted for her cat. She answered black with a multi coloured shirt (with all the colors you have in your stash mummy 🙂 hahaha ) This is my girl 😉


and there was Black in all its glory 😀


The girls slept with their cats and I was very happy…I love when they play with handmade toys and I feel proud to produce something they’ll cherish for years (I hope so 😉 )


These cats are my addiction of the moment…

I feel like making one for myself too (don’t tell anyone 😉 )


If you want to make your own “amineko”…  (It is very easy to crochet) … You can purchase the book in this previous post of mine here…or in the left sidebar of the blog between the books 🙂

Have a wonderful monday!


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A new addiction called amineko :)

Good morning sweeties,

How’s everything? Are you enjoying summer?

Last week I discovered a very cute book and since that moment I am totally addicted…


Totally in love with that little cat…and totally addicted in the “making-process” of it 🙂



I started my second “amineko” yesterday. He needs a friend no? 🙂 Look how he is patiently waiting for me to finish his friend 😉


Ami means friend and neko means cat in japanese. The book is a japanese one but it has been tranlated into english and french. I just “love” japanese books. Aren’t they the best?


It is a very easy to make cat , the instructions of the book are very clear and simple and there is a very funny story about amineko.


Now I am totally into making “amineko”s. How many will I crochet? 😀


I will not stop with just two …I am sure… I left all my wips behind and I am enjoying enjoying enjoying to the max this amigurumi cute cat…


Isn’t it adorable?

If you would fancy making an amineko…

You can find here the book in english.

And for my french ladies, you can find it here 😉

I also changed the books in the left sidebar of the blog, if you love to take a peek, they are all wonderfull !!

And one more little thing before I go… You can now leave a comment on the post…It wasn’t working on my last one and I was feeling miserable without all your kind words…It really means a lot to me… Just say hello so I know that you are here… it makes me really happy…

Wishing you sunshine, love, peace and many many moments of joy…


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On my needles…

Helloooooo lovely people,

I’m here today to announce to you that I AM ACTUALLY LEARNING TO KNIT 🙂 Yes, I started two weeks ago when I bought this wonderful book full of beautiful pics …

 It gave me the “punch” I needed to get started …It is simple not too complicated until now…

I’m still practising the very basic stitches till now… nothing important 😉

but I soo want to know how to knit in 3D to make toys, how to increase and decrease, how to make these beautiful “jacquard” style knitting…

Oh I have sooo many beautiful projects in my head that I want to make…It is wonderful to learn a new skill isn’t it?

But tell me…did you learn to knit after learning to crochet?

If it is after (like myself) did you find it easy or difficult?

Which craft do you prefere? crochet or knitting? and why? I would really love to have your opinion on this subject…

Until now, I just love the sound the needles do….this isn’t the case for crochet…I think the music of the needles is very soothing and calming, don’t you think?

I’m spending some time on Pinterest too to get some inspiration…You can see lovely pictures of knitting projects on my board ” knitting” on Pinterest here…

Have to go now…

Thank you so much for your kind words and all the prayers for my little country Lebanon…It meant a lot to me…and we really need prayers…It is the only thing we can do…unfortunately…to fight against war, blood and dark days….Praying for peace…

So a BIG thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you… one by one !

Have a beautiful day!


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